Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review - Biore Make Up Remover

I got NEW things to share again!!Always want to doll up yourself so much yet lazy to remove your make up? Imagine you doll up yourself to go club/parties and just before you know you need to remove your makeup you already in your lala-land due to the amount of alcohol you had taken? RIGHT?

I myself fall in both of this situation and always end up either never remove my makeup or finding difficulties to remove my makeup with just by a few wipes. Not forgetting my waterproof mascara!!  Need to remove complete without hurting my eye and end up red & swollen is damn hard thing can!! =(

Makeup had became almost all girl's habit in life, for work/party purpose or even first impression! (Like me!) Because even a simple makeup will help them look more presentable and leave a very good impression, especially during your job interview.


& because it is important! You must get the BEST makeup remover brand which is NO 1 in JAPAN & SINGAPORE !
And they come in 3 type!
  1. Biore Cotton Sheets
  2. Biore Point Make Up Remover for eyes & lips
  3. Biore Hydra Clear

1.Biore Cotton Sheets

If you never use cleansing wipe before, you should really try them! Don't afraid if the cleansing wipe is not a good make up remover. Fore Biore Cotton Sheet, you need no keep rubbing your eyes to remove your mascara. up seeing your eye lashes dropping after rubbing on your eye. If you going oversea or staying over at your friend place, you can't be bring the whole makeup remover bottle out right!! So you can bring this cotton sheet cleansing wipes to clean off your make up. (Good Idea! =D  )
  1. It's EASY & FAST!
  2. You don't need to keep wiping till stress/hurt your skin, especially area like eye and lashes.
  3. Best of all, it's Alcohol-free and Oil-Free, and contains moisturizing agents to hydrate your skin without irritation! (for those alcohol allergies people! like my mum! )
Time to use cleansing wipe or change your existing want !

& They come in refill (48sheet) and handy pack (10sheet)  too! =D
So Convenience!!!
 Next Up...
2. Biore Point Make Up Remover for eyes & lips

This is the most crucial makeup remover that almost all girls who apply heavy makeup will love it ! Unlike other makeup remover, Biore makeup remover can remove plenty makeup in less wipes, simultaneously protecting your skin from the stresses of daily life.
BIORE use a specially formulated with a two-layer micro-level active cleansing formula.

So Before of me...
with eyeliner and eyeshadow.


  Shake before use.

  • Suitable for all skin type
  • leaves no oily residue 
  • Allow moisturizing your eyes & lips with every wipe
  • Easily & able to remove thick layers coat of eye and lip makeup
  • less rubbing and tugging on your delicate skin around the eye area

& this is why, I prefer using Biore makeup remover!

So why not waste and throw your money on makeup remover that can't help you remove all your makeup completely? Right? You need to choose a good make up remover to prevent leaving your cosmetic on your face, which would resulting redness and swollen spot/itchy/ or even PIMPLE!! (Yeah! all girls don't like it!)

Making remove makeup steps easy and fast! !
So WHY WAIT? Grab your Biore Sample now and try how wonderful the product is!

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